Iowa Pointing Labs Grizzly SH, 'Griz'.

Four time Grand Master.

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Griz is a record setting dog in the American Pointing Labrador Association (APLA) by becoming the first 4X GMPR (Grand Master Pointing Retriever) at less than 2 years of age.  

At 23 months of age he broke the previous record of his half brother by over 6 months. Griz also went 5/5 in AKC senior 1 year of age!

Griz is one of those special dogs that has a huge motor in the field, but is very controllable and wants nothing more than to be a team player. 

Griz has an unbelievable demeanor for a dog with his power. 

He is truly a gentleman that is extremely intelligent & confident, but doesn’t have a dominate bone in his body.  

He is an excellent marking dog and is rock solid steady at the line.  

Griz has been a natural pointing dog from day 1 and point’s way off birds.  

He is extremely reliable and is allowed to run big in the CRP fields of South Dakota or comes in close for the heavy cover sloughs of Iowa.

Griz has a loaded pedigree including 6-Grand Master Pointing Retrievers, 7-Master Hunters, 8-Amateur Field Champions, 5-Field Champions,1-Qualified All Age, 1- 2xNational Amateur Field Champion, and 4- APLA Hall of Fame dogs!  

Some of the biggest names in the Pointing lab world and the Field Trial world have come together to create a truly exceptional animal!

Field Trial pedigree highlights

  FC HRCH Watermark’s Texas Welcome MH SRS Winner (Howdy)
  2x-NAFC 2x-CNFC FC AFC Ebonstars Lean Mac (Maxx)
  FC AFC HRCH Gator PT’s Sweet Potato Pie (Tadah)
  AFC Trieven Twist And Shout MH

APLA - American Pointing Labrador Association pedigree highlights

  GMPR Cajun of Black Forest MH
  MPR RattlinRidge’s Bronco Bill MH (Willie)
  GMPR Sir Hershey or Surrey
  GMPR MHR HRCH Blackdog’s Bonkerjohn Kate MH

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Note: Griz and his owners are featured in the February 2018 'Covey Rise' magazine article about 'Pointing Labradors' available at Barnes and Noble if you would like to read up on their amazing breeding program or learn more about Pointing Labs.
As mentioned, in the February 2018 edition of CoveyRise Magazine, Griz and his owners, were featured in an article about the relatively new development of 'Pointing Labs'.

CoveyRise is a very cool bi-monthly magazine devoted to upland game hunting, Quail, Pheasant, Grouse, etc., using Pointers and lifestyle articles for the gentleman sportsman.  When visiting next in an major bookstore (Barnes and Noble) please check them out.

The CoveyRise article included the following quotes:

"This breed really is the perfect jack of all trades, it's the ultimate dog for the guy who wants to do just about everything"...  "Whether you hunt pheasant in the Dakotas, Grouse... or waterfowl in the swamps of Louisiana, (these) dogs will deliver".

"and unlike other dogs that can be very wound (up), they are also good family dogs and good companions...  Cliche', but true".